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A Creator's Guide: Navigating the World of Web Series Festivals

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Hello, creators!

I'm Courtney Powell, the Founder & Festival Director of Sydney Web Fest, and I'm excited to be your tour guide through the vibrant world of web series festivals. Creative expression is soaring to new heights, and guess what? Web festivals are your golden ticket to amplify your voice across the digital landscape, connecting with audiences worldwide.

Today, we're diving into the juicy details of web series festivals! They’re a dynamic playground where your artistic genius gets a real workout. So, buckle up because this journey is more than just festivals - it's about exploring opportunities, mingling with your audience, and turning your work into the launching pad for your creative dreams. Let’s get into the good stuff:

Why should you toss your hat into the web festival ring?

1. Global Exposure:

Sure, the word exposure might leave a questionable aftertaste, but in the world of web series festivals, it's the real deal. Digital storytelling isn't limited by location, and these festivals are your passport to international recognition, breaking through borders and giving your work the global spotlight it deserves.

2. Networking:

Festivals aren't just about screenings; they're your golden ticket to making meaningful creative connections. Once your work is in the limelight, seize the opportunity to connect with industry pros, like-minded creatives, and potential collaborators. Networking isn't just a buzzword; it's your secret sauce.

3. Engaging with Your Fans:

Beyond the applause and cheers, festivals are where your fanbase becomes the star. Imagine lively discussions, insightful analyses, and a community of enthusiasts genuinely invested in your work. It's like having your personal cheering squad.

4. Inspiration Overload:

Festivals aren't just showcases and screenings; they're immersive experiences. Workshops, panels, and a treasure trove of inspiration create an environment where your creativity not only survives but thrives. And let's not forget the gala opening and closing nights, workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities—after all, it's a festival!

Top 5 Web Series Festivals: The Inside Scoop!

In no particular order, here are five brilliant web fests you could be submitting your work to, right now!

1. Sydney Web Fest:

  • Location: Sydney, Australia

  • What's Intriguing: We're biased, but we think our fest is pretty damn great. SWF is a broad collection of many different modes of creativity, offering exposure to diverse perspectives and killer storytelling. Our categories include web series, short film, podcasts, pilots, Actual Play, and self tapes. Sydney Web Fest celebrates women, diversity, and brilliant web work of all stripes.

  • Submissions open: Now! Head to for more details!

2. Toronto Web Fest:

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

  • Noteworthy Feature: Your gateway to North American audiences, featuring a mix of diverse and eclectic narratives. Toronto Web Fest supports, connects, promotes and celebrates independent content creators from Canada and around the world.

  • Submissions open: December 2023:

3. NYC Web Fest:

  • Location: New York, USA

  • Signature Trait: The heartbeat of the world becomes the stage for your web series, embracing the diversity of the global metropolis.

  • Submissions open: May 1st 2024:

4. Los Angeles Web Festival:

  • Location: Los Angeles, USA

  • Distinctive Quality: The entertainment capital of the world hosts a festival that propels your work into the heart of the industry.

  • Submissions open: Now! Head to for more details.

5. NZ Web Fest:

  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand

  • Highlight: Set against the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, this festival embraces the Kiwi spirit, offering a platform for exceptional web series, and many other categories

  • Submissions open: January 31st 2024! Head to for more details.

What's in it for me?: Benefits, Prizes, and Opportunities

1. Cash Money, Honey!: On top of fancy laurels, some festivals out there also offer some cold, hard cash. Your creative brilliance could turn into real rewards, giving your bank account a boost, and we can’t lie - that definitely helps for keeping the cashflow strong for your next project.

2. Distribution Pathways: Propel your creation into the limelight. Success or selection can lead to distribution deals, strategically amplifying your work to a broader, more diverse audience.

3. VIP Access: It's not just about the glitz; gaining access to exclusive events and gala celebrations is a significant perk, and a whole lot of fun. Festivals are not just showcases; they're extravaganzas where your presence is truly celebrated.

4. Wisdom Exchange: Dive into the wisdom pool of industry virtuosos. Workshops and panels hosted by the pros offer a unique chance to level up your creative game.

5. Fan Cultivation: Grow your base. Festivals are like incubators for fans who passionately champion your work, pushing your creation to the pinnacle of industry acclaim.

Now! Here's the scoop on why Sydney Web Fest is the ultimate web fest for you to have your work celebrated at:

Sydney Showcase: Stand out in the crowd with a spotlight on Sydney. Our festival is a celebration of diverse perspectives and innovative storytelling, and your work gets exposure not only to our global audience but also to the local Sydney scene, creating a buzz in one of the world's most dynamic creative hubs. You'll also have the eyes of some of Australia's most sought-after creatives on your work, by way of our jury. That, in itself, is worth a submission!

Networking Extravaganza: Join a community of creators and industry professionals in Sydney. Our festival is not just about showcasing; it's about forging connections and collaborations right in the heart of the action.

Sydney's Creative Pulse: Experience firsthand why Sydney is a creative powerhouse. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the trendy inner city streets, our festival immerses you in the artistic heartbeat of the city.

The 2024 global web festival stage is set for submissions, and the potential is boundless. Get your work seen and heard by industry pros, fans, and lovers of #brilliantwebwork.

Lights, camera, let the creative celebrations begin!


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